An Introduction In Connection

Understanding Your Psychic Abilities


We create a solid foundation to strengthen your psychic abilities. With clear direction, knowledge, and practices, you can receive regular communication from your Spirit Helpers. Recognizing the mind, body, and Spirit are intertwined like lace; we touch on all three so that your connection may grow as strong as possible. The access is available to you for the lifetime of the course.

  • Learn how your energy affects your connection and what can be done to remove these blocks

  • The four Clairs are explained in detail with real life examples so there is NO confusion

  • Learn how to safely and quickly connect to receive guidance and information. You do not need to do rituals, sage, or do the hokey pokey to connect

  • Start having conversations with your Spirit Team

  • You will find guidance and information that I could only wish was shared with me when I was first learning

Bonus material

I'm offering you the energy clearing I use on myself regularly

  • Self Clearing/ Healing Treatment

    In this video I walk you through my personal clearing. Being sensitive, we are often affected by outside energies. Learning to clear and heal ourselves is a crucial part of stepping into our power and remove things negatively affecting us vibrationally, energetically, and physically.

I'm very proud to say, I've helped many people finally 'get it'.

It is overwhelming out there in the wild world of search engines, scouring articles and videos, digging through conflicting information trying to understand psychic abilities and spirituality, can further confuse and frustrate what should be enjoyable. 

 My goal is to make understanding your spiritual side, fun and freeing, as it should be.  

Today's the Day

Gain confidence and understanding of your innate abilities

Ryan Mabee

Ryan Mabee is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Mentor, and certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher. After experiencing the frustration of trying to navigate her own spiritual awakening, Ryan spent 3 years with Mentors honing her own psychic abilities and developing easier ways to access these gifts. Having now taught students globally for 7 years, Ryan has further refined what others need to easily connect with their higher guidance. She brings humor, understanding, and down to earth guidance to psychic development and deepening spiritual connection.